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Average Dam levels in the Western Cape: 21.9%
Supplying cost effective
Air-to-Water solutions
Raydian Water Solutions
Raydian Water solutions, a subsidiary of Raydian Pty Ltd is now supplying cost effective Air to Water solutions in line with its ethos of providing solutions that make economic and environmental sense.

Raydian range of Rain Maker water generators are functional machines that attempted to produce high quality water at the lowest cost.

With the company being in the business of supplying products that have service agreements bolted on, we are able to offer superb backup up service and ongoing maintenance support.
It is widely accepted that South Africa is one of the driest countries in the world, becoming more evident with the widespread and prolonged droughts we have seen over the past years.

This, coupled with the perceived reduction in water quality from municipal sources, makes investing in a Raydian Rain Maker a great decision.
Atmospheric Water Generators use dehumidification/condensing technology to extract water out of humid air. The water is then filtered and purified through several filters including carbon, reverse osmosis and UV sterilisation.

This technology is often referred to as "water from air", "water from humidity", "air water maker" or "air water generator".
Raydian has many years of experience in providing tailor-made, rent-to-own solutions. Through our partners we are able to provide finance for our Rain Maker devices both for domestic and commercial applications.

Apply here to finance your domestic Air Water Generator

We have designed your Atmospheric Water Generator with one objective in mind, to produce the maximum amount of high quality drinking water while using a minimal amount of electricity.